English Composition

What is English Composition Program

For those who are taking/will take the freshman English sequence (two-semester courses), this program is designed to help students not only to understand the fundamentals of written discourse but also to increase students’ ability that focuses on the development of writing skills that are applied to the integrated expository writing. Students can learn about various methods of organization, analysis, research skills, and contemporary social issues, so they will be able to prepare for the upper level of English writing courses that more rigorously examines the forms and structures of argument.

Benefits of Joining This Program…

Benefit 1

Students will be able to prepare for the freshman
English sequence in advance for both their transfer and G.P.A

Benefit 2

Students will be able to satisfy
English Composition requirements
for their transfer

Benefit 3

Students will be able to understand
various methods of using rhetorical writing skills

Benefit 4

Students will be able to recognize and identify various types of writing by producing thesis-directed writing

Program Summary