What is Writing Master

DYD’s Writing Master (WM) Program is a long-term (at least 12months), academic, and customized project that leads the admitted students to a successful life at their transfer schools. Through joining the program, students are expected to lead their academic research, major projects, and even internship opportunities. The WM Program will take its members to 25 academic categories that are frequently discussed in the American college education, and its sub-categories encompass the past, the present, and the future of all the academic areas, from classics to contemporary issues around the world. The Triangle System of the program consists of the three steps; Critical Reading + Academic Discussion + Professional Writing.

WM (Writing Master) Summary


Korea’s sole, Post-Transfer Program!

Long-term(at least 12 months) Writing Training with DYD Directors!

Analyzing & Preparing for Placement Tests thoroughly!

Critical Reading + Academic Discussion + Professional Writing!